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Nova App is the new and latest binary options auto trading software introduced in the trading market. Mr. Michael Newberry introduced his system – the Nova Trader App for binary options investments, ownership of Nova Holdings to which Mr. Newberry is acting CEO. He left the investment field nearly 4 years ago and established his Nova Holdings company, in an effort to create a system that is accessible to anyone, regardless of background and abilities.

He gathered a team of professionals to build his system and they created something now called Lead Pattern Nova. Nova Trader is supposedly connected to a large financial database and follows repetitive patterns across that database. According to the promotion of the Nova App, it has a 93% accuracy while finding patterns and eliminates the other 7% thanks to its cloud hosting. Nova Trader App can generate between $1,300 and $5,700 per day, as it discovers between 400 and 600 patterns of which at least 26 are considered profitable.

After gone through the whole video presentation of Nova App Software, it seems very simple and too good to be true for the kind of results it promised, so we decided to test its performance with our own money (not as a beta tester) to find out how it actually made profits and the truth – Is Nova App Software a scam or a auto trading System that we feel confident to support? We will publish our verdict here with evidence when we finish our testing and have enough facts those can help you to make a fairly good judgement.

Update February 20, 2018 – We have signed up with min $250 and started trading on full auto trade mode. At beginning we have received pretty good success rate. But soon Nova App’s ITM performance rate dropped. At day end, the performance was closer to 66-67.56% ITM. If you have been trading or have some level of experience in binary options then you know that this ITM or winning performance of Nova App is simply not enough to generate steady profits. In fact without more than 70% ITM Rate, you are bound to lose your initial investment within a day or two. Same happened here – after one and a half days of trading, we have no dollar left in our trading account. It simply wiped our $250 initial investment.

Remember that the large majority of the binary options automated services are highly misleading and in many cases we are forced to label them a scam aka fraud when the performance is really low or if day-traders are being redirected to shady brokers. Nova App Software performance is extremely low – This is one and only evidence we need in order to label the Nova App as a scam in this review. So we are conclusive this time.

We found Nova App Software as a SCAM software? Lets see What the rest of the community is thinking about this trading system!

Cyber Mentors
Cyber Mentors
Nova App Is Scam!

It has a shady background and operational mode, all of the presented testimonials are fake, and actual investors using the software cannot be found. In other words, Nova App is most likely a scam so be cautious.

Binary Options Spot
Binary Options Spot
Nova App is a Confirmed Scam!

Binary Options can be turn into very lucrative income. Unfortunately, emerging markets attract too many liars, impostors and fake software!

Binary Scam Alerts
Binary Scam Alerts
Blacklisted SCAM!

The Nova App software and trading robot by Michael Newberry (AKA Nova Trader) is a blacklisted SCAM. It is instigated and executed by affiliate marketers and offshore brokers who are conspiring against their own customers (that’s you) in what is commonly referred to as a Revenue Share scheme.

The Best Binary Options Brokers
The Best Binary Options Brokers
Stinky Scam!

Unfortunately Nova is in reality a scam. Not only it won’t make you a single cent, what’s more, it will lose your own money. So instead of making money, you will lose money.

1 Total Score
Nova App is a Scam Software!

The Nova App is not a recommended trading tool but the complete opposite! This software is a total scam that will drain your trading account in the blink of an eye.

User Rating: 1 (1 votes)

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Unlike these blacklisted scam systems which are probably going to drain your trading account much faster than you think, there are numerous other unique and genuine services in the marketplace that based on real reviews made by real traders and proved to work reliably with consistent high winning ratio. We use these products on our daily routine in order to improve our daily income. We have compiled a list of these best money making apps and proudly showcased in our recommended section. So, if you are an enthusiastic trader, searching for a better alternative then we strongly encourage you to visit our Top Recommended Signals Services Page!

However, our intention in this scam review is not to promote other services and to claim that the Nova App is a piece of crap instead. Having said that, we have no other choice but to help traders get the right feeling and intuition before they decide to take any further action and losing their investments.

Best Alternative of Nova App

LEGIT and Proven Consistent Results

Free Spots are Limited

Every new software tries to bring out something unique with it. Some are Genuine when they speak of novelty while others just spell out tongue twisters. With fancy sounding algorithm names and hyped up statistics, they try every tricks in the book to lure you. Once you are in their grip, they can constrict you and twist you in whatever way.

So for your own safety and to stay on the safe side of the industry, DON’T FORGET to check out our Blacklist Page It might prevent you from signing with scam trading bot!

For some day-traders and especially for beginners, investing money with an online trading site might be risky and especially if you decide to trade on your own using technical analysis with short-term expiry options. In case you are interested to learn about it without risking any money, register first with a Free Demo Account and trade with no risk.

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This review is in fact one of the few honest reviews you will find on Nova App as most of the websites endorsing this fraud are all part of it and most likely created by the same people who’re behind it.

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    Neva May 20, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    Thanks for this splendid article! Nova App is one of the most nasty and shameless scams out there! I hope no one falls in their trap.

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