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30DayChallenge Review Scam Software Or Honest? 30 Day Challenge App Review with Real $30K 30 Day Challenge System Result

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30 Day Challenge aka 30DayChallenge Software is a new automated trading software in the Binary Options Industry. It is presented by Joey Altair who is also the Owner and CEO of 30 Day Challenge Software.

On the Official Website of 30 Day Challenge Joey Altair claims that he can make you $30K in just 30 days on fully autopilot, using his automatic trading software 30-Day Challenge. This software is completely free and it will trade on the binary options market with just one click. It requires no technical skills or previous trading skills to operate. The program automatically places the most profitable trades for you. Just by joining the challenge, you are guaranteed to make at least $1000. Because if you don’t make at least $30,000 in the next 30 days, he will personally pay you $1000 in cash out of his own pocket just for entering and your time.

This bid sounds very alluring, but can we trust this offer? In order to answer that, let’s analyze the 30-Day Challenge Software, using our 5 factors to determine a SCAM –

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Identity Check – Who is Joey Altair?

Identity check is a vital starting point for a robust screening process. Joey Altair claims that he is the founder of $30K 30-Day Challenge. But in our investigation, we found him as a fabricated person with stock model and fictitious name. Joey Altair does not exist. In fact, there is no real trader behind this program. Look at the below picture and see how scammers used a stock photo to portray this fictitious character –

Endorsement Check – Are those testimonials real?

A common way to know if a web based software is legit is by checking its members’ testimonials. A simple search in Google reveals that the peoples who claim to be using this trading robot to generate wealth are not the original user. All are cheap paid actors and hired from online website called, where you can hire all kinds of different people for $5 – $10 dollars to do all kinds of different jobs for you! Look at the below picture to see the proofs –

Promise of Gain Check – Accuracy and Profit

As per Joey Altair, 30 Day Challenge is an automated binary options trading software, uses a modified Fibonacci Algorithm that correctly predicts winning trades on the stock market. It can’t predict every trade, but the program is supposed to be stable enough to generate signals with an accuracy rate of 99.3%. But do we have any proof other than those fabricated testimonials and fake award badges.

Unfortunately Not! We don’t have any proof based on which we can confirm you that this software can profit at all. Just in case you didn’t know, no one has yet created a fully profitable model in binary options trading because no human trader or algorithm can forecast the online markets on 99.3%. The average accuracy is approximately 89% win rate (plus minus) for the majority of the Most Successful Auto-Traders in the Market

Broker Check – Who will manage our fund?

What happens when you register? First thing you will have to do after registering is to deposit money with their recommended broker and the minimum deposit amount is at least 250 in either currency USD/EUR/GBP/AUD/CAD. This minimum deposit is not a payment for the 30-Day Challenge Broker or Software rather trading capital that will be used for making actual investments on the software platform. This is a common industry standard and we have no problem with that.

Our concern is, What brokers would our investments be handed over to? What are the credentials of those brokers? Are they regulated or not, does any government agency oversee their operations at all? All these questions demand answers!

From the video demonstrations of 30-Day Challenge, we failed to find out any broker name that we can confirm if this broker is legit or not! Dealing with unregulated brokers can be very dangerous, because you cannot expect to make any withdrawal at all from them! And because 30-Day Challenge is totally anonymous service you cannot make a complaint to authorities when this happen!

Community Check – What the industry says about this service?

Before we approve a trading software we always check for community endorsements. During our social media and search engine investigation we couldn’t find anything positive for 30-Day Challenge Software. In fact, we found the opposite. Dozens of complaints and negative comments against Joey Altair and his bogus 30 Day Challenge Software.

30 Day Challenge Review Scam

30 Day Challenge Software Scam Review

These are all the evidences based on which we are labeling 30 Day Challenge Software as Scam and We really hope you’re not planning to waste your money with this SCAM.

Verdict for the 30-Day Challenge Software

2 Total Score
30 Day Challenge Is 100% Scam. Avoid It!

Do not trust the 30 Day Challenge aka $30K 30 Day Challenge software Scam, it consists of nothing but lies covering a fake software that only loses your money!

  • Available Everywhere
  • Founder Is Non-Existent
  • Fabricated Testimonials by Paid Actors
  • Unrealistic Signals Accuracy Rate
  • Brokers Credential can't be Ensured
  • Lack of Community Endorsement
User Rating: 1.7 (96 votes)

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Unlike these blacklisted scam systems which are probably going to drain your trading account much faster than you think, there are numerous other unique and genuine software in the marketplace that based on real reviews made by real traders and proved to work reliably with consistent high winning ratio. We use those products on our daily routine in order to improve our daily income. We have compiled a list of those best money making apps and proudly showcased in our recommended section. So, if you are an enthusiastic trader, searching for a better alternative then we strongly encourage you to visit our Top Rated Signals Services Page and be sure to trade in a safe zone!

However, our intention in this scam review is not to promote other services and to claim that the 30 Day Challenge is a piece of crap instead. Having said that, we have no other choice but to help traders get the right feeling and intuition before they decide to take any further action and losing their investments.

Best Alternative of 30 Day Challenge

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Every new software tries to bring out something unique with it. Some are Genuine when they speak of novelty while others just spell out tongue twisters. With fancy sounding algorithm names and hyped up statistics, they try every tricks in the book to lure you. Once you are in their grip, they can constrict you and twist you in whatever way.

So for your own safety and to stay on the safe side of the industry, DON’T FORGET to check out our Blacklist Page It might prevent you from signing with scam trading bot!

Thank you for reading our 30 Day Challenge Scam Review. For further question and assistance, use below comment section. Help us spread the word by sharing this Review on your social network. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get all the latest updates and reviews like 30 DAY CHALLENGE REVIEW 30DayChallenge Software System Review $30K 30 Day Challenge App Scam Review Result

This review is in fact one of the few honest reviews you will find on 30-Day Challenge as most of the websites endorsing this fraud are all part of it and most likely created by the same people who’re behind it.


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    Sharon S. Daniels July 8, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Thank you for this brilliant and helpful review! I was just wondering whether to put my hard-earned savings into this one. Thankfully, I read this first. Can you suggest me a more reliable and safe software?

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